Risk Tolerance


Determining Risk Tolerance

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1. When do you anticipate needing these funds?

2. Do you foresee any major expenses that might cause you to make withdrawals from this investment before the time mentioned previously?

3. What is your goal for this investment?

4. Should the equity market perform poorly over the next decade, what would you expect from this investment?

5. Which of the following statements best describes your attitude over a three month time frame with above average market volatility?

6. What level of decline would you be willing to tolerate over 5 years?

7. When do you expect to retire?

8. Like most investments, the value of this account may fluctuate over time. Hypothetically, if you invested $1,000,000 and it was performing in line with world markets, at what point would you sell?

9. If you needed $10,000 due to an unexpected financial obligation, would you need to liquidate a portion of this account?

10.Which of the following statements best describes what your reaction would be if the value of your portfolio suddenly declined 15%?